Thursday, September 21, 2017

Week 4 P.E.

This week the students in grades 3-6 will be playing ultimate frisbee.  This will be a continuation of our ultimate games unit.  Next week we will start the first fitness test of the year (PACER Test).

For grades K-2 we will be playing a directional game called ships and sailors as well as a tag game called Here Comes the Spartans!  If time permits we will also be incorporating locomotor movements based on different animals such as Horses, Rabbits, Giraffes, ect.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Health Classes

Grades 3-5

This year, Ms. Brylewski and myself will be teaching health to third and fifth grade. We will be going over a variety of topics that align to the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards for Health. The first topic we will be teaching is Decision Making and Conflict Resolution. We thought these two skills were important to start with.

The first lesson of Decision Making will consist of defining what a decision is, and identifying the steps in the Decision Making Process. The students will get to put the decision making process into practice during the lesson in a variety of activities. We will build on these skills as the year goes on.

If you have any questions about Health please feel free to contact me
Phone: (570)874-3661 ext. 3028

Thank you,
Mr. Hinkel  Health and P.E. teacher

Week 3

K-2:  The students will be playing Zoo Keepers and Busy Bee's in class.  These games help reinforce listening skills as well as a review of our locomotor movements such as jumping, skipping, jogging, running, ect.

3-6:  The older students will be working on the different cuts involved with getting open in game play.  We will be working on the V, L, and back door cuts used in the game of ultimate football.  The students will also play small sided games of ultimate football to continue our ultimate unit of games.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 2


This week for grades kindergarten through second grade, the students will be working on locomotor movements. We will start the class by reviewing and teaching all of the locomotor movements we use throughout the year. Some locomotor movements include, running, walking, galloping, skipping and hopping. We then will use the locomotor movements in a game called "Through the Forest". The students will be using the locomotor movements to get through the forest that we built in our gym.

This week we will be starting with Ultimate Handball. This games involves throwing and catching skills, as well as offensive and defensive strategies. We will start the class by reviewing some defensive and offensive strategies that they can use during game play, such as man to man defense, and the give and go. We will be playing different ultimate games for the first couple weeks to keep reviewing these certain skills.

Please remember to wear sneakers and be prepared to have fun!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Welcome Back 2017-2018

Dear students and parents/guardians,

      I want to welcome everyone back and I hope both my students and their parents/guardians had a great summer.  This years physical education class will consist of many fun and exciting activities/games that will promote teamwork, leadership, cooperation, physical fitness, and skills needed to develop the students into being self sufficient lifelong learners.  I plan to incorporate games such as basketball, kickball, and floor hockey among other things to promote the skills listed above.  

      Some information that parents/guardians might be interested in are as followed-

1. Students should be dressed for class in a solid color tee shirt or polo shirt or any Spartan shirt.  Shorts are allowed to be worn for P.E. class until daylight savings time.  After that the students will need to wear athletic pants such as sweatpants or jogging pants or khakis.  Both the shorts and pants can have logos on them this year for P.E. class but try to have them as small as possible.  Sneakers are also a must for Physical Education.

2. Students should show either a doctors note or note from their parents/guardian pertaining to the physical health of the student (ie: if the student can't participate in P.E. due to a broken arm, sickness, injury, ect.)

3. Many different avenues will be used for grading the students such as skill tests, pencil and paper assessments, participation, and sportsmanship.  

      I will use this means of communication to post every unit of instruction I will be teaching and also for listing homework if necessary.  I look forward to a exciting productive year at North Schuylkill Elementary School.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to send me an email at ( and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you,
Mr. Hinkel (NSE Health and Physical Education Teacher)

Monday, May 15, 2017

K-6 Tag Games

Students in grades kindergarten through 6th grade will take part in tag games for this cycle. We will be playing various versions of tag games during the class period. Students will use previously learned skills, such as different locomotor movements, dodging and fleeing during the lesson.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Track and Field

      This week all the students will be participating in a variety of track and field events such as the shot put, hurdles, discus, standing long jump, and relay races.  We will try to take the students outside weather permitting for these events.